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At Bezt Health Wellness we have devices that helps with Passive Healing. Your body have the innate ability to heal itself. Our devices and supplements support your body to heal itself quicker. Our Healing Wave Bed consists of the Exerciser Elite and The Healing Wave – Far Infrared Domes.

The Exerciser Elite® Passive Exerciser is a continuous passive exercise machine providing some of the benefits of aerobic exercise. Although passive exercise does not increase the heart rate or burn as many calories as true aerobic exercise, you can still enjoy many other remarkable benefits. Passive exercise can help increase circulation, oxygenate the blood, and move the lymph fluid, which can be beneficial to the immune system.

Clinical trials conducted at the Flinders University and Medical Centre, under Professor Neil Pillar proved the side to side movement to be extremely effective on Venous Oedema Legs.


The Healing Waves Far Infrared Rays boosts the temperature of the body and thus improves the micro-circulation. Poor circulation is linked to chronic illnesses, digestive problems, obesity, a lowered immune system and even cancers. FIR therapy increases lymphocytes and neutrophils (white blood cells), and reduces the occurrence of colds and infections. The temporary rise in body temperature promotes the killing of many pathogenic (disease-causing) bacteria, viruses, fungus and parasites, modulates the immune system by increasing production of cytokines (special immune cells that play a very important role in disease control).

We also make use of a relaxing Negative Ions therapy. The E-power machine increases the negative electrical potential of your cells. This balances the negative and positive ions on the cell membranes and allows more effective exchange of nutrients and waste products in and out of the cells.