About us...

Bezt Health
is the best place to find BALANCE and Homeostasis in the Body.  We start with a Analyses with a Meridian Computer Device.

The printout will guide us where there is an imbalance in the body.

We assist with guidelines in Nutrition and Natural Health Products to clean the blood, liver, kidneys, etc.

Detox treatments with Far Infra-red domes & the Chi Machine or the Elite 2000.

These medical devices  helps with Passive exercise that assist in Fascia release and spinal alignment.

We remove accumulated heavy metals and toxins from the body.  Get rid of inflammation and spasms.

The main objective is to get the body Alkaline and to correct the pH in the body.

We build,  cleanse and renew cells.  Chronic conditions vanish when the blood circulation, oxygenation, pH and Nutritional levels balance out.

Lymph drainage happens with our chi-machine and water aerobics classes.

Electric Reflexology and E-Power treatments that balance your Positive & Negative Ions in the body.

Back pain get relief with different modalities at our Wellness Centre.

Aqua classes available in the morning, afternoon and evening. Enclosed with warm water. Registered at SAWFA. (South African Water Fitness Association)

Your qualified Aqua Instructor is a Registered Practitioner and registered at NHA.

Body, Mind and Soul gets aligned at our Wellness center with different modalities you can choose from.

Our treatment benefits the following:

·             Spinal alignment

·             Blood circulation

·             Oxygenation

·             Detoxification

·             Lymphatic drainage

·             Nervous system

·             Weight reduction

·             Immune system strengthening


o      Sleep quality

o      Mentality condition

o      Relaxing without strain or pain

o      Oxygenation

And many more. Above to name just some